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Pocket Spotlight Makes Holiday Photos Bright

David Pogue
Tech Critic
Yahoo Tech

You don’t have to spend a fortune to buy nice tech gifts. There are joy and glad tidings to be had in reasonably priced gadgets, too. Leave it to David Pogue to sniff out 12 delightful and useful gifts.

From behind a piano.

The First Day of Techness

Meet the Pocket Spotlight. For $30, you get a tiny, handheld, powerful LED illumination panel. You can hold it freehand, stick it into your phone’s headphone jack, or even put it on a camera’s hotshoe. You can’t believe what a difference it makes to your photos when the light is bright, even, and off-axis. By avoiding your phone’s LED “flash,” you avoid red-eye, too, and subjects looking like they were blinded by a nuclear detonation.

(Photo: Amazon)

Lasts about an hour on a charge from its micro-USB jack.

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