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You'll Have To Pay To Watch Some Vimeo Videos From Now On

William Wei

Vimeo is unveiling an on demand service that lets its Pro users charge viewers a fee to watch their videos.

With Vimeo On Demand, Pro users now have the ability to set a price for their videos with 90% of the revenue going straight into their pockets.

Last September, Vimeo announced it would give its users a chance to make money off their videos for the first time ever with a feature called Tip Jar – which allowed viewers to donate money to Vimeo Pro and Plus users.

Vimeo has just gotten into the revenue-sharing game, though, so it's too early to tell if the Tip Jar and On Demand features will prove to be a real money-maker for the video-sharing site and its elite users.

Here's a screenshot of what Vimeo On Demand looks like:

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