Young Talent in Albuquerque, New Mexico Proving an Uphill Upbringing is not a Roadblock to Success

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Albuquerque is growing fast and so is the young talent: Raiden Ruiz, his lawyer, and financial advisor are becoming movers and shakers in the New Mexico Region of the USA

Raiden Ruiz

Jewelry By - Jason of Beverly Hills | Jason Arasheben
Jewelry By - Jason of Beverly Hills | Jason Arasheben
Jewelry By - Jason of Beverly Hills | Jason Arasheben

Albuquerque, NM, Nov. 01, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Raiden Ruiz does not come from a high socio-economic status. In fact, he was left with no inheritance after the passing of both his parents. He grew up in a humble environment on the west side of Albuquerque where he attended John Adams Middle School before West Mesa High School. He knew sports were his way to receive a scholarship for college and with the help from head coach James Palacios and his team, Raiden Ruiz received a scholarship to New Mexico Highlands University to play football. Although Raiden did not stay playing football, he found his love for the game of rugby. Raiden went on to play for the University of New Mexico and then the Denver Black Dragons.

Raiden’s story is an interesting one and when interviewing this young man, we found out a lot about his childhood. His mom, Desiree Ruiz, raised him as a single mother working multiple jobs. As a young kid, Raiden mowed lawns, picked weeds, painted his neighbors trim on the house and many other things to earn money for his athletic fees.

Raiden states that “as a young kid, having to figure these things out on my own was difficult. I grew a deep intrinsic motivation to succeed in life so I wouldn’t have to watch my mom sacrifice or struggle for money anymore. I thank God every day for my mom, grandmother, uncle, and sister. They helped mold me into a respectable young man. I knew the road to that success was through school and enrolled in education for most of my adult life. I received my Bachelor of Arts at 21, my Master of Arts at 23, before earning a commission with the New Mexico Army National Guard at 28.”

Raiden began his business ventures when graduating high school. He wanted to make jewelry, although he had no money to invest into precious metals. He knew, no matter what, that jewelry would beat inflation in an economic crisis occurred. Raiden looked up to Jason Arasheben (owner of Jason of Beverly Hills) and made it a point to start a friendship with Mr. Arasheben. Raiden felt his own story was parallel to Jason’s and admired the hustle and professionalism that Jason portrayed.

In 2013 Raiden visited JBH Boutique in the Wilshire hotel in Beverly Hills and got his chance to feel what hard work felt like in jewelry form. Raiden says “when I was in the store, I knew I couldn’t afford anything. In the back of my head I kept saying to myself, ‘you are going to own jewelry pieces from JBH someday.’ I made it my goal. It was about all my hard work and having a phenomenal piece of artwork to show for it. It goes beyond that because for me, it is being able to look down at the jewelry and know that I can make the impossible possible.” In 2015, while Raiden was in The Kingdom of Bahrain, he ordered his first pieces of jewelry from Jason of Beverly Hills. (as pictured above).

So what is Raiden up to these days? After the tragic loss of his father and mother, Raiden did not have his sources of wisdom anymore. He had lost his main advisor in his life, his mother. He strives to become a powerhouse in New Mexico and even talks about becoming a future politician (Governor of New Mexico, Raiden states.) His lawyer Julio Garcia and financial advisor Dustin Soflin are powerful young men on his team that keep this fast-paced individual on track.

Julio is an attorney and the owner of ADVISE | A Modern Law Firm. Julio's law firm specializes in helping businesses and entrepreneurs with business formation and governance, social media and internet law, and intellectual property, to name a few. Given Raiden's specialization in Social Media & Internet Marketing, Julio serves as Raiden’s primary legal counsel for many of Raiden's business and life ventures.

When it comes to political equity, Raiden is making an honorable impression in the New Mexico Army National Guard as a commissioned officer. Although Raiden lives a fast-paced life, he makes it a point to provide resources for everyone in his community. He wants to educate people on the importance of saving and investing money, and always refers his friends to Dustin Soflin for life insurance policies, 529 accounts, retirement accounts, and other financial planning needs.

He says, “I want everyone to know about this because I was left with only memories. I humbly keep every memory alive and honor my parents, but I want to set my children up, so that money is one less thing they must worry about in the future. If that means me breaking my back now, I think it’s all worth it. I want to set them up for success, to have access to the resources I didn’t.

But with that being said, I want to instill my children with hard work and humbleness. The ultimate gift in this world is the one you have from God; to be able to shine your light into the depths of darkness wherever you plant your seed. I know that I am leaving this earth with nothing, but the people surrounded by me will have memories of me being a giving, honorable and positive man in this community. Now with social media platforms I am able to decrease transactional distance with my followers all around the world to leave positive impressions on them too. It’s a beautiful and positive thing if you use these social media tools with good intentions.”

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