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Your future Thanksgiving turkey could be made in a lab

Memphis Meats wants to reduce the number of animals slaughtered for food.

The California company started an Indiegogo campaign to save millions of birds from being eaten each Thanksgiving.

So what will meat of the future look like?

This is the world’s first meatball created with beef cells that did not require slaughtering a cow.

The startup grows the meat, which is biologically identical to regular meat, by using animal cells.

The company will start with ground beef but could grow chicken breast, steak …

… and even whole turkeys, if enough people want them.

But don’t expect to see lab-made meat in your supermarket this year.

Memphis Meats says it hopes to have its products on store shelves within the next five years.

Source: https://techcrunch.com/2016/11/22/lab-made-meat-startup-memphis-meats-hopes-to-grow-a-thanksgiving-turkey