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Your iPhone Can Now Wake You Up with the Smell of Bacon

·Technology Editor

If you want to wake up in the morning in a good mood, your iPhone’s alarm clock can make some pretty pleasant noises.

Now, thanks to a new add-on from Oscar Mayer, it can also produce some delicious, delicious smells. 

On Wednesday, Oscar Mayer introduced a gadget called Wake Up and Smell the Bacon, which, indeed, plugs into your iPhone and acts as an alarm clock that emits a bacon scent and the sound of bacon sizzling in a pan.

This single-serving gadget is simple: Connect the attachment to the bottom of your iPhone, and then set your alarm inside Oscar Mayer’s companion app. At the appointed time, the alarm will go off, mimicking the sound of crackling bacon. The attachment will shoot out several puffs of bacon smell. 

You’ll wake up thinking that bacon is being made for you. In reality, of course, you’ll have to make the bacon yourself, which you’ll no doubt want to do after hearing and smelling it as you arise. 

The device is not on sale. You have to enter a contest in order to win one, filling out a survey about how much you love Oscar Mayer bacon and describing your love for Oscar Mayer bacon in three words or less. The Oscar Mayer website says “limited quantities” of the gadget are available. It remains unclear to me why anyone would want to be tortured by the sizzle and scent of bacon in the morning, only to wake up bacon-less, but there you go.

You can watch a video teaser for Wake Up and Smell the Bacon below. 

Amazingly, this isn’t the first smell-emitting device for the iPhone. My colleague David Pogue covered a similar contraption called the Pop Dongle that released the scent of buttery popcorn. Pop Secret created that device and sold only three per week, donating some of the proceeds to charity. Pogue described the popcorn smell of the Pop Dongle as “queasy-making”; here’s hoping Oscar Mayer was more successful in recreating the smell of bacon. 

For now, no word on whether Dixie eggs is working on a companion device. 

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