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Your next food delivery order could come from a robot

U.K.-based company Just Eat is changing the delivery game.

The company is responsible for the first food delivery in London… using robots.

The six-wheeled machines, developed by Starship Technologies rely on cameras and sensors to make their way through the streets.

The robots travel to customers, who then use a code supplied by Just Eat to unlock the machines’ storage compartment.

Placing your orders in the hands of robots could make common food delivery issues things of the past.

For now, Just Eat plans to keep its delivery robots exclusive to the U.K. although Starship Technologies is running test deliveries in other parts of the world.

While fans of delivery might be skeptical of receiving their orders from machines we can all enjoy the thought of no longer having to tip the delivery person.

Source: https://www.cnet.com/news/now-robots-are-delivering-our-takeout-meals/

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