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Your personality type determines your paycheck

Upset that your paycheck isn't quite the size you'd like it to be? Ready to blame your company, the economy, Obama? Turns out you need to look a lot closer to home: in the mirror, specifically. A new study from CareerAssessmentSite.com indicates that your personality, specifically how driven and results-oriented you are, has a significant impact on your earning potential.

Granted, this shouldn't be world-shattering news to you. But it's useful for understanding how our specific personality types map out against the demands of work. The study at CareerAssessmentSite uses the famed Myers-Briggs Personality Test, which divides everyone into one of 16 personality types based on introversion/extroversion, rationality/emotion, and so forth. If you don't already know your type, you can learn more about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator here.

Here's how the United States as a whole breaks down along Myers-Briggs lines:

Here's how far each personality type tends to get in his or her educational career:

And finally, the big news: how much money each personality type tends to earn:

Obviously there are many factors at play here, but the results play along expected lines: rationalists have the highest overall earning potential, with extroverted rationalists leading the way by a mile. Introverted idealists? Man, you folks have it tough. Get out in the world or stop thinking everything's perfect, one of the two. 

For the complete graphic, including more detailed breakdowns of each personality type, click here.

[Via Time Magazine]

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