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VoLTE Could Mean Clearer Calls and Fewer Drops

Yahoo Tech

Your smartphone might be showing you “LTE” in the status indicator to tell you that you’re on your carrier’s high-speed data network, but did you know that as soon as you place a standard phone call, your phone switches to the previous generation cellular network?

That’s right, your phone actually has a separate radio for handling voice calls. While data can go over a fast new network, voice calls go over another one.

That’s finally about to change, though. A new mobile voice system, called VoLTE — Voice over LTE — will start to send your voice over the same modern data network that your Web pages and apps are going over.

The three major U.S. carriers all have plans to roll VoLTE out to smartphone users. Watch the video to see which phones are getting VoLTE first, and on which networks.

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