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Your top 10 money questions of 2014 answered

Yahoo Finance rounded up the top-searched questions you wanted to know about money and finance in 2014 and answered them for you. We've been revealing the answers over the past two weeks, but here is a roundup of everything you wanted to know, in one place.

1. Should I buy Apple stock?

The short answer, according to our resident investing reporter Jeff Macke is yes, but maybe not at this price. Check out what he has to say in the video below, or read the full article here.

2. What's my 2014 tax bracket?

This is a bit complicated to answer in one sentence, so check out this video, or click here to get our personal finance reporter Mandi Woodruff's take on how to make sense of the IRS.

3. How to start a business

You guys weren't just asking simple questions in 2014! Mandi gives you a step by step look at how to make this daunting task a bit easier here.

4. Should I refinance my mortgage?

According ot Mandi - this depends what you're hoping to acheive, and whether your savings would cover any new closing costs. Her full story is here.

5. Can I buy a house with bad credit?

Mandi says yes - but it's going to cost you a lot more. In this article, and the below video, she walks you through your different options, and explains how much you could save if you wait until your credit is better.

6. Should I buy Facebook stock?

We asked Jeff Macke and he said if you're asking this question, the answer is probably yes. But there are some caveats. Check out the video below to hear what they are, or click here.

7. Why are gas prices going down?

Well, because oil prices are! The answer to why that is is slightly more complicated, so check out the explainer below, or read about it here.

8. Who is the richest man in the world?

If you're going by straight up assets, the answer right now is Bill Gates. But caculating the answer by assets can be kind of boring since it's been the same 3 contenders for years. Watch below or click here for our take on the question.

9. Is social security taxable?

Is any tax question simple? This one isn't, the answer is "sometimes." Mandi breaks down when your benefits are taxed, when they aren't, and all of your other questions here, and in the video below.

10. What is Bitcoin and how does it work?

The simple answer is that Bitcoin is a digital money. But it's more than that too. We explain everything you could want to know - including how to use Bitcoin if you're not a computer genius - in the video below and article.

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