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YourWatch.com Website Launch: The Defiant Side of Luxury

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / March 27, 2019 / Swiss watches, acclaimed for their precision and pedigree, are synonymous with luxury. With a long and layered history and an intricate web of moving parts, luxury watches are ambitious inventions created by the brave visionaries who brought the legacy of Swiss watchmaking to life. Although many people can be fooled into believing that legacy watchmakers rely solely on the history of their brand, these pioneers in Swiss watchmaking certainly know how to look towards the future and shake things up.

"At YourWatch we can't help but recognize and salute the way Hublot operates with an ability to stand their ground in excellence and refined execution, but dare to do so in a rather rebellious way," says Morgan Miller, a member of the yourwatch.com team. Breaking the status quo of traditional confinements and industry expectations, Hublot is a brand with standards much aligned with the culture of YourWatch – who are also unafraid to innovate an entirely new mode of operation.

What is most interesting about the history of Swiss design is not what happened before, but what is to come. There is a very prominent future of watch collecting that begins with brave companies that are making both timeless and iconic wrist-wear. No two words imply this to any watch enthusiast quite the way these two do: Big. Bang.

The YourWatch project has put a lot of energy into offering a wide selection of Hublot timepieces to consumers on their website. They feel there is something both playful and defiant about the Big Bang series and how it bows in respect to the original design and pays homage to its "art of fusion" heritage. Just like the ethos of YourWatch, these Hublot Big Bang watches also kick things up a gear with their innovative technologies, pushing boundaries once again by not only asking what can be done, but also by rebelling any status quo of what should be done.

Hublot takes pride in disregarding any preconceived conceptions of material hierarchy by mixing and matching combinations other luxury brands would steer clear of. Their signature 18karat gold is often paired with rubber; they are known for mixing denim with diamonds or sapphires with silk; and have even designed a timepiece that features sheep's wool with carbon. Not only does Hublot dare to think and behave differently to any other watchmakers, but they are not afraid to take it steps further. By custom making these unexpected fabrics and raising the bar at an elemental level, they reinvent materials that out-do their predecessors and become the best in the game at producing them.

The philosophy at yourwatch.com lends to that of Hublot them selves; they are both companies are comprised of mad scientists that fuse together artistic creativity with a defiant "where there is a will, there is a way" determination to breathe into existence precisely what they want there to be. YourWatch is limited only by how far their imaginations will go. They operate with their own metallurgy and materials lab which works hand in hand with their highly skilled research and development department to create an endless variety of possibilities for watch connoisseurs to enjoy. In Hublot's case, there doesn't seem to be a cap on what they can and will produce.

With the launch of the brand new YourWatch website this week, they are proud to introduce a new accessibility to many of the rarest timepieces in the Big Bang series – all of which will be offered on yourwatch.com for the lowest prices anywhere.

YourWatch.com is a new project created for anyone with a rich appreciation of skill and aesthetic, who also have a rebellious undercurrent and who are not afraid to do things a little differently.

As the YourWatch motto says: Your Time, Your Life, Your Watch.

YourWatch.com - The Leading Retailer of Luxury Pre-Owned and Unworn Watches: http://yourwatchnews.com

Yourwatch #1 Source for Iconic Swiss Watches Hublot Bvlgari: http://yourwatch.com

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SOURCE: YourWatch.com

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