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Zacoustic Receives Elite 2018 TMCnet Customer Product of the Year Award


Zacoustic announced today that TMC, a global, integrated media company, has named Zacoustic its 2018 Customer Product of the Year Award winner.

Globally patented Zacoustic is a leading SaaS customer experience management system. Utilizing Zacoustic, employees must predict how the customers they serve are going to respond to their company’s survey questions for every interaction they handle. Leveraging actual customer survey responses and other factors, Zacoustic Calibrator improves employee prediction capabilities to near 100% thus generating customer feedback for every interaction handled. Quickly exposing the greatest opportunity for process improvements, employee coaching, and quality assurance, Zacoustic reduces cost and enhances customer experience through unprecedented data insights and employee behavioral innovation.

CEO Tim Lavin said, “We are honored to be recognized with the TMCnet Customer Product of the Year Award. The Zacoustic team has worked tirelessly to craft and refine this disruptive product and being recognized by this prestigious organization helps validate those efforts. We are thankful to TMCnet for this recognition.”

Zacoustic has been deployed around the world by large Fortune 500 and blue-chip multinational corporations seeking to improve customer experience and the results are nothing short of revolutionary; Zacoustic users outperform non-Zacoustic users by 11% in customer satisfaction ratings, 9% in customer issue resolution, and 13% in reduced average handling time.

“On behalf of both TMC and CUSTOMER magazine, it is my pleasure to honor Zacoustic with a 2018 Product of the Year Award,” said Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC. “Its customer experience solution has proven deserving of this elite status and I look forward to continued innovation from Zacoustic in 2018 and beyond.”

About Zacoustic

Zacoustic is a private company headquartered in Austin, Texas.

Zacoustic is Patented in the United States and internationally and protected from duplication in any form. Creation of any imitation including any simplified version of its design or concept is expressly forbidden.

For more information please visit Zacoustic.com.

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