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Zamansky LLC Investigates Harvest Volatility Management Collateral Yield Enhancement Strategy Sold to Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Customers


Zamansky LLC announces it is investigating the Harvest Volatility Management Collateral Yield Enhancement Strategy (“Harvest CYES”) sold to customers of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management (“Merrill Lynch”), the broker-dealer division of Bank of America Corp. (BAC). Harvest CYES is a managed options trading account strategy that was sold to brokerage customers of Merrill Lynch. We are investigating potential legal claims of unsuitability, misrepresentation of risk and material omission by Merrill Lynch customers for losses suffered in Harvest CYES.

The Harvest CYES strategy involved trading “Iron Condor” options positions which seek to generate premium income from hedged short put and call options. This is an aggressive and highly speculative strategy which can suffer substantial losses from volatility or downturns in the stock market, Zamansky states. It is not suitable or appropriate for investors who are not seeking this type of risk, Zamansky says. Any investor in Harvest CYES at Merrill Lynch who suffered a loss should contact us for a portfolio review, Zamansky states.

On August 23, 2019, the Wall Street Journal reported on an investor arbitration by a client of Zamansky LLC to recover losses of $750,000 suffered in the UBS-Yield Enhancement Strategy (YES). The article described how the investor’s financial advisor allegedly misled her about the safety and track record of YES, and failed to disclose its risks. Zamansky LLC is representing numerous other investors who have filed legal claims to recover UBS-YES losses.

What Harvest CYES Investors Can Do

If you are a Harvest CYES investor who was suffered a loss at Merrill Lynch, please contact our firm for an evaluation of your situation and legal rights. You can contact Jake Zamansky by telephone at (212) 742-1414 or by email at jake@zamansky.com.

About Zamansky LLC

Zamansky LLC is a leading stock law firm with a practice focused on securities fraud, ERISA and employment class actions. We are investment fraud attorneys who represent both individual and institutional investors. Our practice is nationally recognized for our ability to aggressively prosecute cases and recover investment losses.

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