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Zefyr and Ceylon Solutions Launch Proprietary Data Analytics Platform Tailored for Cannabis Industry

DENVER, Nov. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Zefyr, a data analytics firm, announced today the launch of Zefyr Dazh, a first of its kind, proprietary, artificial intelligence data analytics platform for the cannabis industry. Developed by their software partner, Ceylon Solutions, a cannabis-centered software development company, Zefyr Dazh is a licensed product that companies can use for either internal or external search programs and leverage multiple data sets including business, government and other internet-based structured data pools.

"When people think about finding answers online, they pose a question on Google, Alexa, or Siri, which fetches prepared content or provides general search engine results to the consumer," said David Skul, Chairman of Zefyr. "The Zefyr Dazh AI platform generates real-time answers to questions by auto-generating queries that search and retrieve data from massive pools. Analytical algorithms then determine the best formats for display to the user. All the while, the AI is learning the best 'right' answers through user feedback and behavior. The AI then informs our backend how the data in the platform is being used and what additional data users want us to acquire."

Unlike most complex big data applications, Zefyr Dazh helps users accurately understand big data, regardless of their analytical expertise. Dazh's easy-to-use conversational assistant uses natural language processing and proprietary analytical algorithms to help users find and format answers to their questions while suggesting other related answers and topics from multiple big data resources. While it was designed for the burgeoning cannabis industry, the applications of this technology go far beyond cannabis.

Marion Mariathasan, Founder and Chairman of Ceylon Solutions, adds, "As one of the most experienced software development companies in the cannabis vertical, we are proud to introduce a pioneering offering for this industry with our trusted partner, Zefyr. We are confident that it will fundamentally shift data analytics and aggregation, in addition to changing the behaviors and habits of users for years to come."

Ceylon Solutions, the leading cannabis centered software development company has provided software development services for leading technology-centric companies in the cannabis industry, including Simplifya, Leafwire and New Frontier Data. They have delivered technologies that have impacted reg-tech, vertical v-networks and data. Dazh was built solely for Zefyr, based on very specific requirements.

About Zefyr
Zefyr has been in the cannabis industry's big data sector, developing A.I. enabled data solutions for dispensaries, CPGs, growers, manufacturers, marketers and advertisers for the past three years. Chairman David Skul and CEO Jason Lorne Giles are successful veterans of the direct marketing, advertising, and branding agency marketplace. For more information, visit https://www.gozefyr.com.

About Ceylon Solutions
Headquartered in Denver, Ceylon Solutions is a cannabis-centered software development company committed to delivering high-quality development services. Based on each partner's specific needs, the company handpicks a personalized development team of experienced coders and engineers in Sri Lanka. Founded in 2005, Ceylon Solutions has developed hundreds of projects in multiple industries. Ceylon Solutions strives to create meaningful working relationships with their client partners through consistent communication, and by working throughout the software development process and beyond. For more information, visit www.ceylonsolutions.com.


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