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ZenPayroll Launches Modern Payroll Service for Accountants and Bookkeepers

ZenPayroll Accountant Dashboard Click here for high-resolution version

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 10, 2013) -  ZenPayroll, Inc. today announced the launch of ZenPayroll for Accountants, making its delightful, modern approach to payroll available to CPAs and other back-office service providers through a new centralized online dashboard.

ZenPayroll is a modern cloud-based payroll service that automates all payroll tax calculations and payments, as well as providing direct deposit and filing all payroll-related government documents paperlessly. The new dashboard allows accountants and bookkeepers to manage the payroll needs of multiple companies from a single screen. Setup is quick and easy, taking less than one minute, and it is free for accountants to use. Once signed in, users can:

  • View pending tasks for each company and take actions such as running payroll, adding new employees, reviewing tax payments and filings, and more
  • Add new clients seamlessly, in 10-15 minutes
  • Create payroll reports in just a few clicks
  • Review each company's usage and statistics, such as number of employees, their employment status and recent pay
  • Create multiple admin accounts and provide individual logins to the employees of their clients

"Our mission is to bring modern software to the payroll industry, and a key stakeholder for us are the hundreds of thousands of accountants and bookkeepers who run the back-office for their clients. These service providers work hard to ensure payroll is completed on time and we're thrilled to make their life easier," said Joshua Reeves, CEO, ZenPayroll. "ZenPayroll for Accountants empowers all back-office service providers to offer delightful, modern payroll to their clients, and the centralized dashboard streamlines the process of managing payroll across dozens of companies."

"Using ZenPayroll means we're spending more time with our clients, and less time processing payroll. They've really simplified and streamlined the process and I'm constantly impressed by the new features they're adding. I'm glad to have them as a long term partner," said Anelya Grant, Founder and Sr. Accountant, AG Accounting.

ZenPayroll for Accountants is available immediately at no cost. ZenPayroll's standard pricing applies for each client company that is running payroll. For more information about pricing, visit: www.zenpayroll.com/#pricing

ZenPayroll Momentum
Since launching in December 2012, ZenPayroll has been growing rapidly and has processed tens of millions of dollars in payroll. The company will be expanding to additional states in Q2 2013.

About ZenPayroll, Inc.
ZenPayroll provides a modern cloud-based payroll service that is simple and delightful to use. Customers can run payroll and administer benefits in minutes from any connected device. All government payroll reporting is done automatically and paperlessly, providing the easiest way for business owners to manage payroll taxes and compliance. Employers can learn more and sign up for free by visiting ZenPayroll.com. ZenPayroll is headquartered in San Francisco.

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