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Zenreach Drives 7.5 Million Customers Back To Restaurants In One Year

Returning customers spent $393-$739 million from April 1, 2018 and March 31, 2019

SAN FRANCISCO, April 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Zenreach, creator of the Walk-Through Ratetm, announced today that during the last year it has driven 7.5 million people into their customers' businesses. This translated into $393-$739 million dollars of additional attributable revenue thanks to Zenreach.

Zenreach drives 7.5 million customers back to restaurants in one year.

Zenreach uses proprietary technology to measure the Walk-Through Rate. That is when someone walks into a physical location within seven days after seeing a marketing message online.

"Bringing customers through the door is the dollars-and-cents measure of success for any merchant," said Kai Umezawa, VP of Product at Zenreach. "But measuring the number of customers who visited in response to marketing has historically been almost impossible," he said.

Zenreach customers use their guest WiFi signal to know when patrons visit one of their stores. By understanding customer visit behavior, and connecting results to different offers, merchants can be more precise in the way they target customers and measure the results of their online marketing.

The Walk-Through Rate is similar to the click-through-rate used to measure online advertising. Before Zenreach, it was almost impossible to measure in-store results attributable to marketing. Businesses have tried low-tech solutions like coupon redemption for tracking, but they often count just a small percentage of customers. High-tech options are also available, but require six-figure ad budgets and don't return immediate results. For more information, visit Zenreach.com.

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About Zenreach
Zenreach pioneered WiFi marketing, and continues to set the pace for an innovative and fast-growing industry. We help businesses with physical locations use WiFi to dramatically improve customer acquisition, loyalty and value. Our platform automatically tracks customer visits, effortlessly builds rich customer profiles and keeps them up to date. It allows communication that is more personal and precisely targeted, and directly measures the in-store impact. Founded in 2012, Zenreach serves thousands of independent merchants and leading brands like Peet's Coffee, Hakkasan and Anheuser-Busch. For more information, visit Zenreach.com.



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