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Zephyr Delivers the Most Silent, Energy Efficient and Performance-Driven Kitchen Ventilation Hoods Available Today

Verona wall kitchen ventilation hood from Zephyr's Next Generation Europa CollectionClick here for high-resolution version

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - January 17, 2013) -  Zephyr, the industry leader in kitchen ventilation hood design, innovation and technology, has unveiled a ground breaking new technology that offers the quietest, most energy efficient and best performing range hoods on the market. A technology exclusive to Zephyr, the DCBL Suppression System™ (pronounced Decibel) contains features never before used in ventilation and results in a range hood experience that is more powerful and nearly inaudible. 

Zephyr's DCBL Suppression System uses the industry's first Direct Current (DC) brushless motor as opposed to traditional hoods, which function on Alternating Current (AC) motors. Using a DC motor increases torque at lower speed settings and provides increased CFM levels and lower noise levels simultaneously. Using a DC motor also allows Zephyr to reduce energy consumption by 77 percent, which is unheard of in the ventilation hood industry.

In addition, Zephyr's DCBL Suppression System is not possible without an on-board computer to facilitate the conversion from AC energy to DC energy. Essentially, this is the hood's nerve center; a sophisticated blend of technology that keeps the entire system finely tuned to provide peak performance, increase CFM levels and reduce the hood's noise by 77 percent.

The final component to the DCBL Suppression System are the patented Bloom™ HD LED light bulbs, which were designed in partnership with commercial camera lens designers and have a life cycle of 25,000 hours. These 3-watt bulbs amplify into a 20-watt halogen-like light and are the only range hood LED light bulbs on the market that are dimmable with near-halogen light warmth, yet remain cool to the touch regardless of how long they are in use.

The DCBL technology is available on the redesigned Next Generation Europa Collection, which has been one of the brand's core collections for the past decade. In addition, the Monsoon one-piece liner hood was upgraded to now include DCBL, which makes it the most quiet and energy efficient one-piece liner on the market. 

"At Zephyr, we continue to push design boundaries and have cultivated a reputation for looking beyond what's expected. This not only applies to our hood's aesthetics, but also to the technological innovations, such as the DCBL Suppression System," says Luke Siow, president of Zephyr.  "It is an overall smarter technology that is challenging our competitors when it comes to ventilation hood performance and reinforces our leadership in this industry."

About Zephyr

Since 1997, San Francisco-based Zephyr has continued to bring design, innovation and technology to the forefront of the kitchen ventilation hood industry. The company has challenged the perception of what ventilation means in kitchen design and created a new awareness of the importance of a high performing ventilation system. With acclaimed talent such as artistic visionary, Fu-Tung Cheng, and industrial designer, Robert Brunner, Zephyr is able to create cutting-edge residential range hoods unlike any other company. In addition, Zephyr has pioneered ventilation hood technology with the industry's first DCBL Suppression System™; an exclusive innovation that delivers the most silent, energy efficient and performance-driven range hoods available today. As a direct result of its commitment to elevating range hood design and technology, Zephyr is the recipient of several prestigious awards including Consumer Report Buy Rating, Consumer Digest Best Buy Rating, Chicago Athenaeum Good Design, ADEX (Awards for Design Excellence), Appliance Design 'Excellence In Design' and the Architectural Products Product Innovation Award.

To learn more, visit www.zephyronline.com.