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Zet on his progress in the ADC role: 'My understanding of how to play the lane is sufficient, but my progress in teamfights isn’t as good'

Zet, EDward Gaming’s starting AD carry (Dionne Ng)

After losing 0-2 to newcomers DAN Gaming earlier in the 2017 LPL Summer Split, EDward Gaming managed to close the week with a 2-0 victory over Snake eSports. Following the set, the team fielded questions about champion picks, gameplay, and their goal for the split.

Evelynn’s pick rate isn’t very high. Why did you pick this champion? Was it picked to be played against Snake?

Ming “Clearlove7” Kai: Evelynn still synergizes well with certain comps. It’s a champion I know I can use, so I am very confident to pick it.

In the second game, you used Kled to awkwardly engage down in the Baron pit. What happened there?

Chen “Mouse” Yuhao: I made a mistake. I wanted to head toward the red buff, but I ended up at Baron.

In the first game, both you and Snake had compositions that could gank and fight in the bottom lane at Level 6. In this case, how did you ensure your team would succeed?

Tian “Meiko” Ye: To start that bottom lane 5v5 in the bot lane, I felt that the enemy Thresh would come after the wave, so I just called Ming Kai to come camp bot. I felt after the last minion wave, our 5v5 capability would be a bit stronger.

In other regions, Fiora isn’t picked very much, but in the LPL, Fiora’s pick rate is extremely high. The win rate is pretty average. What is the reason her pick and ban rate is so high? What circumstances make it so you can pick Fiora?

Coach Jeong “NoFe” Nochul: Right now she’s popular because of Doran’s Shield. Doran’s Shield Fiora is an extremely good champion. We banned her in both games because of the enemy team composition.

In every occasion, EDG picks a stable lineup to scale and avoid losing. Why is this?

Clearlove7: I don’t feel we’re particularly stable. Both sides this set constantly looked for opportunities. If we found one, we just started fighting. Both comps were trying to scale and then fight, so we looked for a lot of openings to test each other.

It has been a while since Zet has changed his role back to ADC. What is your greatest difficulty so far?

Hae “Zet” Sungmin: My understanding of how to play the lane is sufficient, but my progress in teamfights isn’t as good. I can’t seem to find a leading position in a 5v5.

How do you plan to use the rotating roster?

Coach NoFe: Right now it depends on who is playing well and what my plans are for the pick and ban phase.

After winning the first match of the Summer Split, what was your feeling? Do you have a goal for the season?

Clearlove7: Although we won today, I wasn’t satisfied with my own play. In the second game, I could have solo’d SofM, but I messed up the execution, so I know I have to keep improving my individual mechanics. Our goal is to win the Summer Split, and then work harder and harder.

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