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zGlue Launches Industry's First Chiplet Store

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Sept. 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- zGlue, the chiplet integration company, today launched ChipletStore™, an online portal comprising of chiplet listing and browsing portals integrated with the development software, zGlue ChipBuilder™. Chiplet suppliers can now list complete descriptions of their chiplets using a vendor console and can control sharing of chiplet information with specific customers. This is the industry's first online library of chiplets with detailed design data, design tool, and manufacturing support for a range of applications from embedded devices to high performance computing.

zGlue ChipletStore™, an online portal comprising of chiplet listing and browsing portals integrated with the development software, zGlue ChipBuilder.

zGlue previously devised a format for the encoding of chiplet information referred to as the zGlue chiplet information Exchange Format (ZEF), which is available as an open source file format.  Chiplet manufacturers can use ZEF format to list the electrical, mechanical, and input/output information of their parts via a vendor console portal. Vendor console access is limited to invited partners only.

Chiplets listed via the vendor console go through a quality assurance and information security process before they are made available to users on ChipletStore™ and ChipBuilder™. ChipBuilder™ simplifies and streamlines the design process by allowing easy selection and placement of chiplets on zGlue's Smart Fabric™ silicon interposer. The number of available chiplets has been steadily growing as new chiplet manufacturers join the program.  The available chiplets categories include processors, communication, sensor, memory, and battery management chiplets from the world's leading semiconductor companies.

"Heterogeneous integration of chiplets into integrated circuits is already a growing business.  A tremendous opportunity awaits, though, when chiplets become available in an accessible fashion similar to silicon design IP blocks," said Jawad Nasrullah, CTO of zGlue Inc. "A key enabler for the growth of such chiplet market is standardization of machine-readable representation of chiplets from various angles including architecture, design automation, supply chain, as well as software stacks. As a chiplet integration company, we are offering tools to enable an ecosystem of companies to serve various upcoming applications of chiplet-based ICs."

About zGlue Inc.
Founded in 2014, zGlue is a venture funded startup in Mountain View, California offering custom chip solutions based on a growing ecosystem of chiplets. Its ChipBuilder™ platform allows chips to be fully customized while eliminating high costs, long time to design, and associated risks. Offered products include a shuttle run for sample builds, volume builds, development kits, and design software. The company has offices in US and China.  More information can be found at www.zglue.com.

Phone: 408.515.4217
Email: media@zglue.com

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