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Zinc’s New Blockchain Based User Centric Advertising Protocol Will Be Capable Of Reaching 1 Billion Users By The End Of 2019

TEL-AVIV, ISRAEL / ACCESSWIRE / August 27, 2018 / Blockchain based mobile advertising protocol Zinc, founded by a group of industry pros with proven mobile advertising experience, aims to build a next-gen advertising ecosystem, where the user is an active player rather than a commodity, while allowing everyone in the industry to continue operating as they do now, re-allocating millions in wasted advertising spend.

Zinc is a user-centric advertising protocol that will allow advertisers & ad networks to reward users for sharing their information and viewing ads.

From the user perspective, Zinc is offering the security, decentralization, and transparency users have come to expect from blockchain based technology stacks. From the advertisers, ad networks and publishers' perspective - Zinc will offer a new way to reward users for sharing their information, as well as enable GDPR compliance, while allowing them to continue to perform business as usual with a unique payment flow.

Zinc is poised to solve two main challenges the mobile ad industry faces: fraud and data inefficiencies. In mobile advertising's current state, nobody wins. Advertisers are frustrated due to ineffective targeting caused by bad data & fraudulent activity, and this limitation in targeting capabilities forces them to centralize their budgets with monopolistic players, such as Google and Facebook.

As Daniel Trahtemberg, Zinc Protocol CEO & Co-Founder, explains:

"The Zinc Protocol allows users to get what they really want: more rewards while viewing less ads - creating a better user experience. Zinc provides first party, verifiable data, and allows advertisers to target real humans who agreed to share their data, allowing us to mitigate a significant amount of fraud"

The wallet application will be launched end of Q3 2018, and once the wallet application is launched, it will allow users to get Zincs and get more rewards for ads they are already seeing, in the apps they already use - from day one. The Zinc app will be distributed via the Rewarded Video (RV) channel, reaching out to users who are accustomed to being rewarded for viewing ads, and will want to maximize the in-app perks they get.

Leading mobile monetization and marketing company ironSource is a main design partner of the Zinc protocol. ironSource reaches over 1.5 billion unique active users monthly through their SDK, which is integrated on tens of thousands of the world's most popular apps.


Dan Edelstein