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Zombie Business Chases New Market, Literally

Love watching gross people with decomposing flesh and brain-eating tendencies stirred into a gruesome rampage? If so, you are part of a giant market for television series and video games. Now a new zombie market is shaping up, and it may shape you up too -- or inspire your next business venture.

Near (Un)Death Experience

The undead are buzzing in the UK. For $189, zombie enthusiasts can have a "full immersion" zombie experience in an abandoned shopping mall in Reading, Berkshire, in which they are briefed and armed (and trained) with airsoft weapons by the Police Special Zombie Bashing Unit. It’s their job to fix the unfolding undead apocalypse. The price also includes food, because as they note, getting off the couch and actually fighting zombies is hard work.

They aren’t the only ones capitalizing on the growing obsession with bringing the not-exactly-dead closer to life. “Zombies, Run!” an app developed by Six to Start, which funded its development through funding platform Kickstarter, allows users to set their own pace and then follow a story line, written by co-creator Naomi Alderman, to complete missions by consistent exercise.

Dead Heat: Running App Picks Up Speed

Just a few weeks after launch, "Zombies, Run!" is on track to hit 100,000 paid users in one to two months, according to Six to Start CEO and Co-Founder Adrian Hon. “It could be very big, especially if we start experimenting with pricing levels further down the line,” says Hon, adding that the team is working to add features.

Zombies are shaping up to be a good business for Six to Start. The team aimed to raise $12,500 in funding on Kickstarter, but attracted a whopping $72,627 for "Zombies, Run!" That funding plus the preorders for the game covered development, says Hon.

The app costs $7.99 to download on iTunes and is expected to be available on Droid by this spring.