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Zoned Properties' CEO Bryan McLaren presents Investor Roadshow Presentation at Cannabis Online Investment Conference

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz, Aug. 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Zoned Properties, Inc. (ZDPY), a strategic real estate development firm whose primary mission is to identify, develop and lease sophisticated, safe and sustainable properties in emerging industries, including the licensed medical marijuana industry, today announced that Bryan McLaren, Chief Executive Officer, will be featured delivering the company's investor roadshow presentation at the Cannabis Online Investment Conference.

The Cannabis Online Investment Conference showcases investor roadshows from public companies in the fast-growing cannabis sector exclusively online. The conference has generated significant investor attention and interest over the past year.

Bryan McLaren commented, "Participating in the Cannabis Online Investment Conference allows us to connect with investors – both institutional and retail – who we do not typically reach in a traditional, in-person conference setting due to timing, geography or budget. Any investor anywhere, anytime can view the Zoned Properties investor roadshow presentation at their convenience, expanding our reach and letting us share our story broadly." 

The Zoned Properties online investor roadshow can be viewed at https://cannabis.onlineinvestmentconference.com/zoned-properties.  

Peter Norman, CEO of the Online Investment Conference, added "We developed the Cannabis Online Investment Conference as a dedicated subsite of our main Online Investment Conference portal in response to the huge amount of investor engagement and interest we received on our main site for cannabis-related, public company presentations. Zoned Properties is an excellent example of the type of quality company featured on the Cannabis Online Investment Conference, and we look forward to helping them deliver their investor roadshow online to investors everywhere."

About Online Investment Conference

The Online Investment Conference at https://onlineinvestmentconference.com is a unique, innovative investor communications platform that lets investors view the investor roadshow presentations that are traditionally seen only by professional investors in major financial centres. Professional investors consider viewing an investor roadshow - hearing and seeing management present the company story - as their #1 decision making tool when deciding whether to make an investment. The Online Investment Conference levels the investment playing field by providing retail investors everywhere with access to the same decision-making tool that professional investors use – a company's investor roadshow.

About Zoned Properties, Inc. (ZDPY):

Zoned Properties is a strategic real estate development firm whose primary mission is to identify, develop, and lease sophisticated, safe, and sustainable properties in emerging industries, including the licensed medical marijuana industry. Zoned Properties is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau, the Forbes Real Estate Council, and the U.S. Green Building Council. The Company focuses on the strategic development of commercial properties that face unique zoning challenges; identifying solutions that could potentially have a major impact on cash flow and property value. Zoned Properties targets commercial properties that can be acquired and re-zoned or permitted for specific purposes. Zoned Properties does not grow, harvest, sell or distribute cannabis or any substances regulated under United States law such as the Controlled Substances Act.


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