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Zoned Properties Inc. (OTCQX: ZDPY) Joins Investor Outreach Platform "Executive Casts"

SKIPPACK, PA / ACCESSWIRE / November 6, 2017 / Executive Casts ("EC"), a business focused on delivering content and investor outreach options for public companies through online video, is pleased to announce that Zoned Properties Inc. (ZDPY) has joined the platform to connect with its investors about many aspects of its operations, as well as to shed some light on key executives' personal backgrounds, experience, and perspectives. Zoned Properties, Inc. is a commercial property, project development, and management services company engaged in identifying, developing, and managing properties in various industries, including the licensed medical marijuana industry.

Zoned Properties' video segments cover a wide array of subjects, most notably CEO Bryan McLaren's personal perspective on the direction of the company. Among the various clips, he speaks about:

  • The importance of building trust and transparency
  • His own background
  • Zoned Properties' mission and vision
  • Shareholder value and transparency
  • Legislation
  • Focusing on mitigating risks in a changing industry

The full interview and all the video clips can be viewed here: https://geoinvesting.com/zoned-properties-inc.

About Executive Casts

Executive Casts is a business focused on delivering content and investor outreach options for public companies through online videos. Executive Casts consists of multiple videos, currently hosted exclusively at GeoInvesting.com, in which executives of small and micro-cap companies answer vital questions concerning growth drivers, business risks, and personal backgrounds. CEOs are also able to augment future press releases with video commentary, so you can expect to have upcoming news releases explained to you by an industry and company insider. To learn more about Executive Casts, please go here: https://geoinvesting.com/executive-casts-for-your-company.

About GeoInvesting

GeoInvesting LLC is a research boutique which specializes in microcap stock research and portfolio protection investigations for it members. Co-founder Maj Soueidan has been a full-time investor for nearly 30 years and often speaks at conferences to educate and increase awareness about the advantages of investing in smaller companies. Learn more about GeoInvesting here: https://geoinvesting.com.

About Zoned Properties

Zoned Properties is a strategic real estate development firm whose primary mission is to identify, develop, and lease sophisticated, safe, and sustainable properties in emerging industries, including the licensed medical marijuana industry. The Company acquires commercial properties that face unique zoning challenges and identifies solutions that can potentially have a major impact on the cash flow and property value. Zoned Properties targets commercial properties that can be acquired and re-zoned for specific purposes. Zoned Properties does not grow, harvest, sell, or distribute cannabis or any substances regulated under United States law such as the Controlled Substances Act. See more at Zoned Properties' website here: http://zonedproperties.com.


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SOURCE: GeoInvesting LLC