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ZQ Ready to Further Shake Up the $11 Billion Self-Improvement Market with Its Cutting-Edge Business Solutions

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 31, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- ZeeQuest, the company behind ZQ Navigator, launches ZQ Business, an array of new products set to help new and seasoned entrepreneurs manage, grow, or start their business in a revolutionary way.


Adding to their rooster of products and tools for improving the human experience and achieving personal success, ZeeQuest announces the launch of ZQ Business - a new pillar set to complete and at the same time transform their platform into an all-in-one digital powerhouse for obtaining success in both private and business lives.

Less than a year ago, ZeeQuest was first introduced to the masses through the debut of ZQ Navigator, a proprietary predictive analytics technology based on life-metrics, which helps people raise self-awareness and improve their planning. While ZQ Navigator is designed to help plan ones road to success in both their private and professional lives, it's ZQ Business that ties together those insights with an in-platform solutions that grant both passive and active income to its users and stakeholders.

ZQ Business introduces a real profit-sharing economy that lets experienced and upcoming entrepreneurs create a scalable income through its Referral, Affiliate and Trusted programs with straightforward up-sale or down-sale options, hyper-viral lead generator systems, digital tools, creative content, and more. It presents a pinnacle in modern business opportunities and includes a state-of-the-art P2P cooperative based on a regulated, SEC-compliant ZeeQuest Security Token (ZQT).

"Technology is at the forefront of our company's endeavour. To make a positive effect on people's lives through intertwining the latest technology with the wisdom and knowledge processed by generations upon generations is our main goal. With this latest addition to our platform - which only now stands as a complete system, we empower young adults and all individuals seeking a way towards financial freedom not just by improving their output through management, but even more importantly by offering them real-life opportunities to start their own business in a tested and regulated environment." - Gregor Brajovic, CEO.

To get FREE Navigator with Personal Success Profile Report click here at www.zeequest.com/navigator/. If you want to learn more about ZQ Business, please visit www.zeequest.com/business/ or contact ZeeQuest at info@zeequest.com.



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