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ZVTK - Zevotek Expands High Tech Asset Portfolio With New Acquisition Increasing Market Size Target to Over $125 Billion

LAS VEGAS, May 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Zevotek, Inc. (ZVTK) ("ZVTK") is pleased to announce that on May 7th, 2019, the company completed an asset purchase agreement with Blankki Products, Inc.  This asset purchase agreement expands ZVTK's high tech asset portfolio and is separate from the software as a service (SaaS) asset ZVTK has been developing for over a year that is the subject of a presentation to be released by ZVTK management later this week.  ZVTK's SaaS asset is targeting an $85 billion B2B market opportunity, and the new Blankki acquisition is targeting a $36 billion market opportunity.  With ZVTK's two leading high-tech portfolio holdings under management, the company is targeting a collective $126 billion market opportunities.

Effective May 7th, 2019, Zevotek acquired all of the assets of Blankki Products, Inc., for 7,000,000 restricted common shares. The assets include:

  1. all proprietary software, firmware and hardware together with any works in progress, updates, upgrades and improvements;
  2. all assets, rights, tangible and intangible property used in or relating to the Purchased Business, including specifically but without limitation, all patents, patent applications, patents pending, and any rights related thereto;
  3. all licenses, computer equipment, software, data, email addresses and accounts used in the Purchased Business such books and records as are necessary to conduct the business of the Purchased Business exactly as it is now being conducted;
  4. all internet protocol addresses, trade names, trademarks and service marks, mark registrations and applications, domain name registrations, web sites and related content, images and designs, copyrights, material that is subject to non-copyright protections, trade secrets, proprietary information, know how, technology, technical data, customer lists, client information and related client or user data, intellectual property rights acquired by license or agreement, telephone numbers, and all related goodwill and other rights; and
  5. all documentation related to any of the above.

For further information about Blankki Products, Inc., visit their website at www.blankki.com

SaaS $85 Billion Market Opportunity Presentation
ZVTK has an online presentation scheduled on Thursday May 23rd, 2019 to present the details of a new innovation targeting the $85 billion SaaS market.  Over a year ago, ZVTK entered into a strategic relationship with a start-up software firm developing a key software as a service (SaaS) solution designed to revolutionize the B2B marketplace.  Over the course of the 2018 calendar year, that strategic relationship evolved to include ZVTK taking a major equity stake in the SaaS start-up.  Now ZVTK is preparing to bring the SaaS solution to market.  Gardner predicts the SaaS market in 2019 will reach $85 billion and grow to over $113 billion by 2021.  Management may publish the online presentation one day early if all work can be completed in time in order to capture a larger audience prior to Memorial Day weekend.

About the Company
Zevotek, Inc., seeks investment opportunities in start-ups to provide funding, in addition to strategic business development assistance to include supplier & vendor management, software development, marketing, management and research & development. Zevotek will catalyze the growth of Market Disruptive & Game Changing Business in the IOT, Business Automation, Data Processing, Business Analytics & Connected Healthcare sectors.

For further information visit our website at www.zevotek.io.

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