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BankEth: A Smart Investment as Cryptocurrencies Continue to reach New Heights and Markets

·3 min read

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 22, 2021 / It's hard not to notice that cryptocurrencies are taking a greater stake in the Global Financial Market & that those stakeholders range from individuals all the way up to Hedge Funds. It's not only that it offers an innovative Decentralized System, making it more accessible to everyone. It is also because of the intrinsic value it has built up through it's initial growth phase & current period, where it is maturing and its role is more understood. Leveraging on that is BankEth, a unique token taking unprecedented turns and rising in the digital token space due to both its utility & its opportunity for Return on Investment.

Cryptocurrency has facilitated many innovations and adoption projects, and there is a consensus that there are many tokens that are significantly undervalued. Recognizing the opportunity to capitalize on this, BankEth created with the intention to reward holders by directly giving them the ability to grow their net worth by investing in the BankEth token. BankEth began as a community-inspired project with a clear intention to establish itself in the DeFi Space as an innovator, a disruptor, and a market leader.

BankEth acted on an opportunity after seeing the growth of tokenomics, to separate the token price from the earnings (reflections) given to the token holders. When buying or selling BankEth, a tax is paid in Ethereum, which is held in the BankEth Vault. The Ethererum in the vault then gets allocated to BankEth holders, based on the investors' holdings versus the total supply. In simple terms, the more BankEth tokens you hold, the greater the share of the reflections, and, the longer you hold, the more you will earn in reflections over time.

Over the first forty-four days from BankEth's launch, BankEth generated and re-distributed 1,000 ether worth of reflections to their holders (approximate $US3.5 million), quite an achievement in the growing competitiveness of the blockchain market.

BankEth has also created its own "BankSwap" facility, allowing for a seamless and simplified purchasing experience. BankSwap facilitates the purchase of the token, cutting out the need to buy from an exchange or any other third-party swap facility. Simplifying Defi projects is needed, as more and more people look at crypto as an opportunity to diversify their assets. In addition, BankSwap reduces the number of steps for entry and will have an additional appeal with those new to the market.

Along with BankSwap, BankEth has developed a seamless virtual dashboard, providing the information needed to understand which direction one's investments are heading. It shows users their current holdings, price and claimed and unclaimed coins from the vault. Its functionality makes it the central hub to manage your holdings. From the Dashboard, one can buy, claim, stake and access all information relating to BankEth holdings.

Unlike other tokens, BankEth does not require staking; however, staking options are set to launch in Sept/Oct, 2021. This development will further increase the potential yields with the token. Even without the staking option, for example, with a daily BankEth trading volume of $100,000, APY is around 30%. At the peak of $8 million volume, APY was seen to be around 2300%.

BankEth is a community-inspired project that comes with a strong community. The BankEth Telegram group is the primary outlet for all updates on BankEth, including regular communications such as voice chats every week on Tuesdays at 8 PM EST and Friday at 10 AM EST to keep the community informed of all things BankEth and market-related.

BankEth remains hungry and ambitious, setting some big goals and targets to be released over their projected timeline. Staking is the next big release, but other notable developments will include the option for reflections to be redistributed in other tokens and a community-managed Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

To learn more about BankEth, visit the official website.

Company: BankEth
Email: info@banketh.finance
Phone: 800-640-7430
Website: https://www.banketh.finance/


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