The offers on this page are from advertisers who pay us. That may influence which products we write about, but it does not affect what we write about them. Here's an explanation of how we make money.

Yahoo Finance guidelines for personal finance content

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At Yahoo Finance, we're committed to creating a community platform where everyone can increase their wealth. We provide information and insights to empower you to make financial decisions with confidence, however, Yahoo Finance does not offer individualized investment or financial advice specific to your unique needs or circumstances.

The Personal Finance Content team’s success depends on earning and maintaining the trust of our readers and viewers, and we have strict policies in place covering our reporting, editing, and writing. We do everything we can to ensure that our articles and other content are accurate and current when we publish them. We strive for independence and balance in our content, which aims to help everyone understand and feel confident about the financial decisions they face in their lives. We don't take sides in political, economic, or financial debates, and we're transparent about how we work and how we make money.

We maintain a clear separation between our writers and editors, and our partners, who do not review or approve our coverage and cannot pay us to influence our articles and other content.



Our content undergoes a rigorous fact-checking process that starts with the writer and includes our team of editors who have decades of experience writing and editing financial content. We do our best to ensure the information in our articles is correct at the time of publication, and we regularly review and update them so they remain current. We take our responsibility for completeness and accuracy very seriously and will publish corrections when we make mistakes or publish inaccurate information. If you find an error in our work, let us know.


Our team of writers and editors maintains a clear separation from the rest of Yahoo Finance's business. Our writers and editors receive no direct compensation from our advertisers and partners, who cannot pay for positive coverage. Advertisers and partners do not review any content before publication. Our writers' and editors' performance reviews, advancement opportunities, and compensation are not influenced by our partners. Any viewpoints expressed in our content are based on editorial team reporting and research.


We rely on reputable and verified sources for the information in our content. We regularly interview industry experts and rely on multiple, verifiable sources for any claim of fact in our content. We seek to include multiple sources that represent varied points of view in every piece we publish. We almost never use anonymous sources, and if we do, we explain the circumstances that led us to use them.


The financial products and offers that appear as part of Yahoo Finance personal finance content marketing articles and tools are from partners and advertisers that pay us when you click on some of the links on our site. That compensation may influence what products we write about and where those products appear on our site, but it does not affect what we write about them. Partners cannot pay us for favorable coverage, and individual members of our editorial team don't receive direct compensation from advertisers or partners.

The offers from our partners and advertisers that appear on our site change frequently, and the final offer you receive may differ from what is shown on Yahoo Finance.