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Top 'tourism gems' in PH revealed

6. MT. KANLAON. Mt. Kanlaon bisects the Negros Island, and it is also the highest peak in Central Visayas. This makes it popular among mountain climbers and hikers. The fact that it is an active volcano adds a certain kind of thrill. Mt. Kanlaon is truly only for the daring. Apart from trekking, it also has an art gallery, a zipline, and it also offers river trail adventures. (Photo and caption from philippinegems.com)

10 best places to visit in the Philippines

If you want to be ahead of the game when it comes to exploring the

Philippines, you might want to vist the top 10 “up and coming” tourist

destinations chosen through a nationwide poll. The must-see sites stood

out from an initial list of 175 destinations in the country, which has

been cut down to 25 before being opened to online voters.