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10 horrifying facts about flying

Some Pilots Barely Make a Living Wage

Doctors, surgeons, pilots: We want these people, who literally hold our lives in their hands, to be well paid and happy. Unfortunately, many pilots are extremely underpaid, especially by regional airlines. Check out this pay chart for pilots and copilots—you might make more than the person who's flying your plane. Keep in mind that most pilots are only paid for time in the air (from when the plane leaves the gate to when it arrives at the destination), which doesn't include time spent getting to and from the airport, performing pre-flight duties, or waiting for delayed planes.

Photo: Commercial Pilot in Front of Airplane via Shutterstock

10 horrifying facts about flying

If you suffer from a fear of flying, you probably shouldn't read this—unless you enjoy having your worst fears validated. Here for your reading pleasure are 10 horrifying facts about flying that you're probably better off not knowing. | Caroline Morse

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