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Felicia Curcuru, Founder of Binti

Felicia Curcuru, Founder of Binti

Felicia, Founder and CEO of Binti, started her company after watching her sister struggle to adopt. The former McKinsey employee took a software-based approach to the process, making it easier and more affordable for hopeful parents to bring needy children into their families.


10 Inspiring Women To Watch From LinkedIn’s List Of Top Professionals Under 35

We obviously love the entertainment and fashion spaces, and are as addicted as the next gal to the every move of the Gigi and Kendalls of the world. That said, it’s occasionally refreshing to see women working outside of these industries celebrated, which is why we so eagerly poured over the contents of LinkedIn’s newest “Top Professionals Under 35” ranking. Here, some of the most inspiring women featured on this latest list to help motivate your hustle as we head into hump day.