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10 craziest splurges of the rich

3. Eyeing that beautiful necklace in the display and hope you had it? Here’s a piece of jewelry that will go green with jealousy. Why? Pet dogs are wearing this diamond masterpiece! I Love Dogs Diamonds’ Amour dog collar is worth $3.2 million. This 52-carat diamond encrusted dog collar has a centerpiece that measures to 7-carats and is set in an 18-karat white-gold and platinum setting. 

The area in which this luxurious collar does not comprise of priceless stones is made up by exotic and expensive crocodile leather which adds to its durability and comfort quotient.  The collar is indeed a masterpiece with an exquisite necklace-like chandelier designs formed out of 1600 diamonds features three tiers of diamonds

10 outrageous splurges of the rich

Would you pay Rs 5000 for coffee that's made from feces? Or inject blood into your face? Here are some outrageous products and services that only the ultra-rich can afford.

With inputs from Bornrich.com