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10 craziest splurges of the rich

4. Super rich and generous dog owners are known to pamper their beloved canines in novel ways. But here is an outrageous way to show your poodle some love. The world’s most expensive holiday package for pets, worth an exorbitant $75,000 (Rs 44,50,500).


The canine will be provided access to its own personal chef and can avail the benefit of limousine transfers. The canine’s two week stay would be at the luxurious “Paw Seasons in Long Ashton”, a hotel catering exclusively to dogs. At the hotel the fortunate pet will be treated to a high end package and get the opportunity to lead the life of a king.


The pampered pet will be taken for everyday walks by British Olympic hurdler Dai Greene. The walk will be followed by luxurious spa sessions, aromatherapy bath, body wash and pedicures. Even the daily meal of the pampered pet will be personally supervised by the hotels’ chef.


The entertainment quota of the dog has been carefully chalked out and activities like swimming, surfing and board games have been included in the agenda. Dog centric films like 101 Dalmatians and Lassie will also be screened at the private mini theatre of the hotel in the evening.  To ensure a complete movie going experience, light snacks like dog friendly popcorn will be served at the time of screening of the film. One to one psychiatry sessions would also be conducted. WOAH!

10 outrageous splurges of the rich

Would you pay Rs 5000 for coffee that's made from feces? Or inject blood into your face? Here are some outrageous products and services that only the ultra-rich can afford.

With inputs from Bornrich.com