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10 craziest splurges of the rich

8. After a hip surgery when most people are looking to stay indoors and recover, Lady Gaga kept up to her reputation of being outlandish by showing up in a gold plated wheelchair. Being made via different components sourced from all over the United States, jewelry designer Ken Borochov from Mordekai had only a week’s notice to design the chair, which boasts of high grade leather upholstery and a removable canopy in its design. The particular chair was made from parts sourced from various makers across the states, and the 24-gold plating was done by the designer evening last Sunday. He worked with 1.5 ounces of gold, which he then plated on the chair

10 outrageous splurges of the rich

Would you pay Rs 5000 for coffee that's made from feces? Or inject blood into your face? Here are some outrageous products and services that only the ultra-rich can afford.

With inputs from Bornrich.com