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Travel Romantic Destinations

4. Alleppey

“It’s truly God’s Own Country. Moving through the backwaters in a houseboat was a experience which cannot be described in words alone,” says Prem from Coimbatore. Be it cruising through backwaters, savouring local cuisine or getting a traditional Ayurvedic massage, Alleppey is where you can pamper yourselves. No harm in indulging once in a while!

10 Romantic Escapes for Valentine’s Day

Idyllic, warm, inviting and timeless, India has no dearth of destinations with a romantic aura. These are places where you can cosy up and spend some quality time with your loved one. Here's a list of destinations HolidayIQ travellers recommend you should go to for a romantic holiday this Valentine's Day. Take your pick.

List by HolidayIQ
Photos: Wikimedia Commons