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Travel Romantic Destinations

2. Ooty

The aura, the weather and the sights and sounds of Ooty have an alluring romantic quality to them. Makes it a great place to spend time with your partner - whether you choose to discover the city or just laze around and do nothing. As HolidayIQ traveller Priya from Gurgaon says, "My husband and I decided to go to Ooty. It was an unplanned trip but was pretty memorable. I loved the Botanical Garden and enjoyed the train ride a lot." And if you have a lot of love for Bollywood, there is more reason to visit Ooty according to Amar from Pune, who says, "There are different points where old and new films like Roja and Raja Hindustani were shot."

10 Romantic Escapes for Valentine’s Day

Idyllic, warm, inviting and timeless, India has no dearth of destinations with a romantic aura. These are places where you can cosy up and spend some quality time with your loved one. Here's a list of destinations HolidayIQ travellers recommend you should go to for a romantic holiday this Valentine's Day. Take your pick.

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