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Sky High

HBO Max's Description: "When you are the son of two of the world's greatest superheroes, expectations can be pretty lofty. That's the case for Will Stronghold, who seems rather average despite his super-parents. Sent to a school for those with special powers, Will deals with some of the more common issues of high-school life-girls, bullies and high expectations-while trying to find his own identity."

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The 17 Disney Movies That Are on HBO Max Instead of Disney+

Streaming life has been glorious since Disney+ dropped last November, but even though it's an exclusive Disney platform, many of its movies still live on other services due to lasting contractual obligations. HBO Max launched on May 27, and with it come 17 of Disney's movies that are perfect for family movie nights.

Even if you have Disney+, keep scrolling for the movies you can only catch on HBO Max (and see which Disney movies are still on Netflix as of now)!


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