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Best luxury hotels: Dolder Grand Zurich

Zurich, Switzerland
$586 per night | KIWI SCORE 94

The Dolder Grand wasn't just re-opened in 2008. It was re-invented. This landmark 1898 building has transformed into a luxury property that merges ultra modern styling with classic European design. Located just outside Zurich, this icon has stunning views, and features a Two Michelin Star restaurant and one of Europe's nicest spas.

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The Dolder manages to be ultra modern and classically European at the same time. Make a point of booking one of the Dolder Grand's four luxury suites, each one individually inspired by illustrious former guests. A suggestion? Stay in the Carezza Suite, inspired by Swiss artist Alberto Giacometti. The floor-to-ceiling windows and sculpturally inspired fittings and furnishings feel like Giacometti himself had a hand in their creation.

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