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Best luxury hotels: Royal Mansour Morocco

Marrakech, Morocco
$1429 per night | KIWI SCORE 94

Private Riads courtesy of the King of Morocco himself await travellers in the mysterious and stunning city of Marrakech. Search through courtyards and winding alleyways to discover what lies inside. As the sun sets in Marrakech, the low light creates drastic shadows and warm colors on buildings and ancient squares. Within the old walls of the city, diverse aromas perfume the air, and candlelight flickers from small windows. The atmosphere is enthralling and intoxicating, and seems to have been bottled in its purest form at Royal Mansour Marrakech.

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53 Riads are arranged in what can only be described as a private village. Each is beset with silks, gleaming tile work, handmade furniture, and traditional Moroccan lamps. From the lower bar and open-air courtyard, to the cooling private pool upon the roof, each Riad has been built out to an obsessive level of fit and finish.

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