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Best luxury hotels: Wentworth Mansion Charleston

Charleston, South Carolina, United States
$426 per night | KIWI SCORE 92

Built in 1886 and designed in the Second Empire style as an opulent private residence for a wealthy cotton merchant, the Wentworth Mansion in Charleston is now one of the world's finest inns. Step back in time from the moment you enter the graceful and refined Wentworth Mansion to an epoque of high ceilings, crystal chandeliers, hand-carved marble, and Tiffany stained glass windows.

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This grand residence hosts 21 spacious rooms with elegant European linens and whirlpool tubs. A rooftop cupola allows a 360° panorama view of the city of Charleston and of the historic Charleston peninsula, a great place to scope out the territory before heading off on foot to explore this historic city.

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