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Moleskine Voyageur

(Cost: $22.95) The hardest part about taking a trip is planning it. Putting together a complete itinerary can be difficult, but the Moleskine Voyageur makes things a little easier. This small notebook has everything a traveler needs, including emergency numbers for every country, dialing codes and removable packing lists. Additionally, the notebook has plenty of space for you to record memories from your trip or doodle during a long plane ride. The notebook is also compatible with Moleskine's website, so you can can create pages online, and print and paste them in your travel journal.

The 9 best travel gifts for under $75

No matter how you look at it, traveling is a pretty uncomfortable experience. After the stress of booking, travelers then have to deal with the discomfort of waiting in long security lines, navigating large airport crowds, standing too long, sitting too long and dealing with airplane cabins that are too hot or too cold.

While there is no such thing as a seamless travel experience, it's often the little things that can make the journey more enjoyable. If you have a travel enthusiast on your list, here are 9 gifts you can buy them, each for less than $75.

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