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Abu Dhabi in the clouds

The Burj Mohammed bin Rashid tower is seen far left. (Photograph by Khalid Alhammadi/Caters News)

Abu Dhabi in the clouds: Otherworldly images of the city's landmarks

Photographer Khalid Alhammadi really has got his head in the clouds as he scales some of the Middle East’s tallest buildings to photograph iconic landmarks high above the rising mist. Khalid’s breathtaking shots over Abu Dhabi look almost otherworldly, with skyscraper tips and mosque towers poking through the eerie fog. While Dubai’s buildings receive a large amount of exposure when they are photographed within the mist, Abu Dhabi’s wonders are not photographed as frequently, Khalid, 26, said. (Caters News)

Photography by Khalid Alhammadi/Caters News 

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