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Inside Fashion Week

Fashion designer Carmen Marc Valvo sits with a bolt of fabric in his New York studio while putting together his Spring 2014 collection for a Fashion Week runway show on Sept. 6 at Lincoln Center in New York. Valvo has been at this for more than 20 years and says, "the most rewarding part of building the collection is when you make your final edit and the run of show is set in stone and no more changes can be made."

An Insider Look at Fashion Week

"The emotional process of building a collection is a very volatile one," says designer Carmen Marc Valv, who has been working day-in, day-out with his team and muse-model Foster ahead of the preview of his spring collection on Friday at at New York Fashion Week.

Valvo opened his studio - really, his world - to John Minchillo, a freelance photojournalist for The Associated Press, during the process.