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Berlin's Power Grid

High-voltage power lines and electricity pylons during sunset near the eastern German village of Brand, south of Berlin.

Berlin's Power Grid Could Return to Public Hands

Berliners vote this week on returning the electricity grid of Germany's capital and biggest city to public hands, a move that could be bad news for the licence owner, Swedish utility Vattenfall, in its biggest market. A "yes" vote on November 3, 2013 would deprive Vattenfall of a steady revenue stream and disappoint any hopes the company might have of getting a high price for the grid by selling it to investors. The referendum is the latest initiative from German citizens keen to take more control of their power supplies after the people of Hamburg, Germany's second biggest city and main port, voted for a return of Vattenfall's grid into public ownership last September.

Reporting by Madeline Chambers, REUTERS.