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World's best executive MBA programs 2013

Program Fees: USD$82,300

The EMBA at IE Business School, ranked second, makes extensive use of distance learning, and face-to-face classes take place in Spain, China and Brazil, so it is not essential for students to be too near at hand. Its programme performs particularly well in the salary category, which is the most heavily weighted in the ranking. IE students reported that their basic salaries had risen by 52% by the time they graduated, from $101,569 to $154,281. Within two years they could expect their salaries to have increased by 125%, more than those of students at any other school.

Best executive MBA programs 2013

The Economist has made its first ranking of the world's best executive MBA programs, looking at 27 criteria, including quality of students and faculty, percentage of students who receive promotions on graduation, and average salary increase graduates can expect. Which of the world's EMBAs took top spot? That of a Canadian school that, it's fair to say, has just made its name.