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best sunset watching Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Bright, neon pink hues striate the blue sky as the sun descends behind this 12th-century temple in Angkor, Cambodia. This ancient "wat" or temple was erected in the classical Khmer style to pay homage to the Hindu god Vishnu, but later it became a Buddhist temple. The carefully groomed grounds and lanky palm trees seem to glorify the ethereal temple, which is also a World Heritage site. For a good place to see the psychedelic sunset, find a spot at the nearby Phnom Bakheng temple. It might be a little congested with tourists, but the temple provides a clear vantage point. The exotic architecture makes a sunset even more beautiful.

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Best places to watch the sunset

There's some kind of magic that happens when the sun drifts down. The world seems to glow with bright light and brilliant color, but just for an instant before the darkness sets in. And even though the sun setting is a commonplace event — it happens every day — it remains one of the finest natural wonders. The nine sunset spots on this list are diverse in their locales, from mountaintops to oceansides and everywhere in between. So come take a virtual ride into the sunset with us. Same sun; nine different settings. By Emily H. Bratcher | U.S. News

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