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Slash & Strike Back Black Panther

“Kids can imagine slashing into combat as Black Panther with this 13-inch electronic figure! Simply pull back and release the Black Panther figure’s arm to activate lights and sounds, allowing kids to imagine him striking down on his enemies in battle. Features more than 20 phrases and sounds, and comes equipped with Vibranium-grade technology as seen in the film.” $29.99 (Photo: Hasbro)

'Black Panther': Exclusive sneak peek at Marvel movie's tie-in toys

It’s been three long months since the breathtaking Black Panther trailer debuted, showcasing Chadwick Boseman‘s solo superhero outing, which hits theaters Feb. 16, 2018. Since then, we’ve had extremely limited looks at the anticipated Marvel Cinematic Universe entry, having to settle for a tantalizing action scene at San Diego Comic-Con along with a handful of costumes and props. But today, Yahoo Movies exclusively unveils the upcoming line of toys — which offer a few clues to the film.

Next spring, Hasbro will release a slew of Panther-themed playthings, from action figures of varying magnitude to role-play items that let fans channel their inner Wakanda warrior. The toys give us a glimpse of Michael B. Jordan‘s villainous Erik Killmonger costume, tease the Panther’s upgraded Vibranium-powered supersuit, and also provide a sneak peek at the hero’s shape-shifting vehicle, the Panther Jet. The toys will be publicly debuted at Hascon, Hasbro’s inaugural convention covering all its lines, including Star Wars, Marvel, Transformers, G.I. Joe, and My Little Pony, which runs Friday to Sunday in Providence, R.I. In the meantime, click through to get a taste of Black Panther.