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The unfortunately named blobfish, the world's most miserable-looking fish who is now in danger of being wiped out. The blobfish has already acquired a reputation for looking sad thanks to its miserable mush. The bloated bottom dweller, which can grow up to 12 inches, lives at depths of up to 900m making it rarely seen by humans. But thanks to increasing fishing of the seas Down Under the fish is being dragged up with other catches. Despite being unedible itself, the blobfish unluckily lives at the same depths as other more appetising ocean organisms, including crab and lobster. (Credit Image: © Kerryn Parkinson/ NORFANZ/Caters News/ZUMA Press)

Blobfish voted 'world's ugliest animal'

The Ugly Animal Preservation Society

recently held a competition to elect their global mascot. While there

were 11 very deserving nominees, the blobfish beat out the competition,

to be the British organization's face. The Ugly Animal Preservation

Society was founded to raise the profile of animals in need of

protection, particularly those who may not be as esthetically pleasing

as, say, the giant panda or the African elephant.