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Bugging out: Yound amatuer photographer captures bugs up close

A jumping spider eyesphotographed at 20x magnification. (Francis Prior/BNPS.co.uk)

Bugging out: Young amateur photographer captures bugs up close

Young photographer Francis Prior has found photographic success using

the most unlikely of models - dead bugs he found in his parents' house.

The 19-year-old amateur photographer uses a Canon 550D

with microscope objectives, also known as PLAN's. Prior mounts the objectives to the camera via some bellows and an adapter.

Lighting is done by two IKEA unidirectional LED lamps. He stacks many photos, moving the subject in increments to get each

portion in focus before stacking all the images in a software package

known as Zerene Stacker.

Prior captures the smallest of

details invisible to the human eye. After rounding up dead spiders,

flies and beetles from every corner of his parents' home in Halewood,

Liverpool, Francis sets them up in his insect studio. The incredible

images can feature up to 100 shots layered on top of one another - and

each one takes up to six hours to produce. (Francis Prior/BNPS.co.uk)