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Elephant Dung Coffee Thailand

Thai mahout Lun serves a coffee bean mixture to an elephant at an elephant camp at the Anantara Golden Triangle resort. Black Ivory Coffee, started by Canadian coffee expert Blake Dinkin, is made from Thai arabica hand picked beans and created from a process where the beans are naturally refined by a Thai elephant.

Care for a cup of elephant-dung coffee?

Would you pay AED 200 for a cup of coffee if you knew the beans were processed inside the guts of an elephant? Thailand's Black Ivory Coffee is probably the limit when it comes to going organic. Hand-picked beans are fed to elephants along with a mixture of fruit and rice. The beans pass through the pachyderms' intestines and are excreted with its dung. The process strips the beans of their acidic content leaving behind coffee fetches $1,100 per kilogram, making it the priciest coffee in the world.