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Airbnb properties in Game of Thrones locations

The first property is a cabin in Kirkjufell, Iceland, right at the foot of the peak that doubles as Arrowhead Mountain.

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With season 7 of the uber-popular HBO series wrapped up, and over a year until the show returns, fans will no doubt be looking to fill a void as deep as The Wall is tall.

What better way to do that than to visit the locations where the epic series is filmed? We’ve selected a few choice locations for you to see: Kirkjufell, Iceland, which serves as the location for Arrowhead Mountain, Dubrovnik, Croatia, which doubles as King’s Landing, and Seville, Spain, home of the Alcázar palace, also known as Dorne’s Sunspear.

So head over to Airbnb and book your trip soon, because as we all know, winter is here.

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