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Airbnbs of the week

The first place is this B&B in Piopio, Waitomo, New Zealand. The cabin accommodates four guests and rents for $137 a night.

Checking in: Unique Airbnbs of the week - 'The Hobbit' edition

J.R.R. Tolkien’s groundbreaking novel “The Hobbit” was first published on September 21, 1937. To celebrate the book’s 80th birthday, we’ve selected three Airbnb properties in locations where the trilogy of films based on the book were shot.

Now, they’re all in New Zealand, so you’ll have to find some way to get there (on dragon-back? perhaps riding a giant eagle?), but once you’re there we’ve got some amazing places for you to stay.

Click through the gallery and let us know in the comments which is your favourite.

(All values in U.S. dollars)